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Combining Orders for Shipping
  The only way to guarantee all the items you order are shipped together is to place them on the same order.

We will try to combine multiple orders shipping to the same address if the prior order has not already been packed and shipped. We usually catch most orders that can be combined on our own. To help increase the chance of your orders getting combined, include a note in the checkout comments of the additional order(s) to remind us to combine with the prior order. Also, you can send us an email ( to point out to us your multiple orders. We do not guarantee we can do it, but we will try. Note - We can have multiple times a day where a shipper will come and pick up our outgoing packages, thus there is no times that can be specified for an order to placed and be able to be combined with a prior order.

Be sure to let us know immediately if you have multiple orders. We can be very quick is packing/shipping orders (the record is 3 minutes from order being placed to order being shipped). Once an order is packed/shipped, it will not be able to be combined.

Delivery Confirmation
  Please be aware that USPS Delivery Confirmation is NOT tracking. Though Delivery Confirmation can show in progress scans, the USPS is not required to scanned your package until delivery.
Hazardous Items
  Certain items (such as some paints and glues) are considered hazardous and can only be shipped via a ground method. These items are clearly noted.

•US Customers - If a hazardous item is in your shopping cart, the entire order can only be shipped via a ground shipping method (UPS Ground or USPS Parcel Post). If you place an order with an item(s) that is considered hazardous for air shipping, the shipping method for that order will be switched automatically to the least expensive ground shipping method available.

•Non-US/International Customers – We cannot ship any hazardous items to you because there is no method to ship you a hazardous item at a reasonable cost (the US post office discontinued surface mail service in 2007).

International Packages/Parcels
  No "tracking" is available for Air Mail, First Class International or Priority Mail International. We do provide the customs form number for your shipment as it has been reported to us that certain countries may use the Customs Form number like a tracking number.  If you need tracking for an international shipment, you would need to select Express Mail International (EMS) service.
Oversize Packages/Dimensional Weight
  All shipping costs shown by our shopping cart are assumed to be for a standard size package and are not valid for any packages considered to be Oversize (and subject to dimensional weight shipping cost) by the shipping company.  In the event your package is considered to be Oversize, we will contact you with the shipping cost for your approval prior to shipping your order.
Shippers/Carriers/Shipping Methods
  We ship via the United States Postal Service (USPS) with delivery confirmation, if available; and UPS Ground. Typically, packages weighing up to 2-3 pounds (and all international packages) are shipped via the United States Postal Service while most all packages weighing over 2-3 pounds are shipped via UPS Ground or UPS SurePost (except for AK, HI and PR which will be shipped via the US Postal Service). We do manually review each order to verify that the shipper (and its associated cost) selected by the webstore is the best for your order. If another shipper we feel is a better choice, we will change it without prior notice unless you specifically request a particular shipper or method. The “best” shipper is a subjective determination made by our staff factoring in the cost and delivery time.

Please note that once the shipping carrier has received the package from us, we have no control over it (no different than if you were to ship a package). Thus, Sprue Brothers Models LLC cannot take responsibility for any packages once the shipping carrier takes it from our possession. However, if insurance is available, we will make all efforts to assist with any claims you have with the shipping carrier should there be an issue with the shipping carrier (loss or damage).
Shipping Costs of $0.00 or $0.01
  When placing an order and a shipping cost of $0.00 or $0.01 is shown by the cart and the shipping method not indicate it is for free shipping, this means the system was unable calculate the shipping cost.  In this event, we will contact you with the shipping cost for your approval prior to shipping your order.  NOTE - we can only do this if the order is actually placed (complete checkout fully) otherwise your order is not recorded by our system and there is no way we would know to provide you a shipping cost.
Shipping Discounts (Continental US customers only [excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico])
  For Continental US Customers [excluding Alaska, Hawaii], our standard policy is for half price shipping for orders of $100, and free shipping for orders over $200. Shipping discounts are based on the net total (excluding the shipping cost and any other discounts, and/or coupons).

•Half Price Shipping Note - If you qualify for half price shipping (orders with the net merchandise totaling between $100 and $200 shipping to a continental US address [excluding Alaska, Hawaii]), your order will be shipped via the lowest cost ground shipping method (either UPS Ground, UPS Surepost or USPS Parcel Post).

•Free Shipping Note - If you qualify for free shipping (orders with the net merchandise totaling over $200 shipping to a continental US address [excluding Alaska, Hawaii]), your order will be shipped via the lowest cost ground shipping method (either UPS Ground, UPS Surepost or USPS Parcel Post).

Shipping/Handling Cost
  Please use our shipping calculator to determine your estimated shipping/handling cost. Just add an item(s) to the shopping cart, and then click on "View Cart" (located at the top right side of the webpage). Provide your shipping information and the different shipper options along with the estimated shipping cost will be shown. NOTE - to see UPS Ground cost, click on the "More Carriers" selection.

We use a real time shipping cost system. The price of an item has no bearing on shipping cost. Shipping cost is solely based on destination address, weight and dimensions of parcel, destination address type (if UPS), and shipping method. Our system obtains real time rate estimates directly from the shipping companies based on the above listed factors.

We do manually review each order to verify that the shipping cost is correct. If the shipping calculator is more than $1 too high, we will adjust it down to the correct amount. If the shipping calculator estimated shipping cost is more than $1 too low, we will contact you to advise what the final shipping cost is and obtain an approval of the new cost prior to shipping your order.

We charge a shipping cost of actual cost plus $1 for domestic US addresses; and actual cost plus $2 for international addresses.

Shipping/Transit Times
  Shipping time estimates may be obtained from each shipping company’s website (USPS: ; UPS: We ship from US Zip Code: 64068. Sprue Brothers Models LLC does not, express or implied, guarantee any transit times or delivery dates. Any shipping times stated are estimates only.

Sprue Brothers Models LLC has no control over any package shipped once it leaves our warehouse and goes into the possession of the shipping company, thus Sprue Brothers Models LLC does not bear any responsibility for any late deliveries or any damaged or lost packages. However all packages shipped via UPS or USPS are insured. We will assist in the completion of any and all valid insurance claims. Any insurance claim determination is made solely by the shipping company and/or their designated insurance company. Sprue Brothers Models LLC does not have anything to do with determination of any insurance claims.

Additionally, please be aware that the US Postal Service does not offer any guarantee for transit times/delivery date for any of their services except for Express Mail. And that the transit time/delivery dates listed by the USPS are estimates only (and appear to be based on ideal conditions which does not happen most of the time, especially in the winter).

Special Delivery Requests
  Special delivery request such as, but not limited to: delivery time (such as “only delivery in the AM”), delivery location (such as “leave on front porch” or “leave with neighbor”, etc), can be made however we have no way to direct or require a delivery driver to comply. Delivery drivers handle all packages within the policies and procedures of their company (UPS/USPS/FedEx/etc). Sprue Brothers Models LLC does not accept any responsibility for any requests of a delivery company/driver that such driver/company does not comply with.
What is Surepost by UPS?
  The UPS SurePost service provide the convenience of UPS shipping and USPS-delivery to customers' mailboxes. UPS determines if UPS or the USPS completes the final mile of delivery of each shipment.  Delivery time is approximately 1 to 2 days longer than regular UPS Ground.

Surepost can also deliver to PO Box addresses.

The simplest way to think of how SurePost works is that UPS will transport and deliver your package to your local post office (instead of to you directly), then your local post office mail carrier will deliver it to you with your regular daily mail delivery.
What is the "Lowest Cost Available" shipping option?
  The "Lowest Cost Available" shipping option has our staff select the lowest cost shipping available for your order. The shipping method used could be any method including (and no limited to) USPS 1st Class Mail, USPS Media Mail, USPS Parcel Select, USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground, or UPS SurePost. At this time, this method is only available to US shipping addresses.

The computer system does its best to offer the best possible shipping options/cost, however there are many idiosyncrasies in shipping that only a human can account for and determine the actual lowest cost option. By selecting this shipping method, you are requesting that the Sprue Brothers staff select the shipping method for your order that is the lowest cost (we will not factor any other factor such as the shipping time - only the cost will used to determine the shipping method used. If you need your order by a certain date or in a timely manner, we do not recommend you select this shipping option.

The cost of this method is only an estimate. The amount collected at checkout is an amount that the shipping cost should not likely exceed the final actual shipping cost. In the situation that it does, we will contact you to determine how you want to proceed. NOTE - SBM has no choice but to over collect due to the credit card security protocols that does not allow our staff to adjust the authorization amount upward if needed (our staff cannot even see your credit card information to put in a new charge if it was needed). Once we determine the actual/final shipping cost and method, our staff will refund any excess shipping cost collected that was not needed as we do already now.
What is the Economy International Shipping Method?

Economy International Shipping is a low cost international shipping method provided by UPS Mail Innovations for small packages weighing up to 4.4 pounds to certain countries. Transit times may vary and can range anywhere from 2 to 4+ weeks. Limited tracking is available. Packages shipping this method may not ship daily, but will ship at least every other day, depending on the number of packages awaiting shipment via this method.

This method is currently offered to: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, and Switzerland.