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DMG002 Dr Mike's Glue - Model-n' Crafter's Glue 2 (Gap Filing & Low Odor) 1/2oz

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Product Code: DMG002


Dr. Mike's Model-n’ Crafter’s Glue meet all modeler's needs as they bond everything, brass, pewter (white metal), delrin, woods, rubber, Poly’s, leather, glass, lead crystal, resins, styrene’s, composites and other products that store and carry petroleum commodities, and the materials mentioned to each other. Modelers love the instant bonding time without holding parts forever whether scratch building or repairs. Modelers / Crafters also love the non-whitening residue on their custom paint schemes after curing occurs.

Dr. Mike's Model-n’ Crafter’s Glue has many applications and can be used to bond plastics, metals and other products that store and carry petroleum commodities, hence the model railroad application - it's ability to bond delrin to delrin or delrin to styrene and wood to wood, delrin to brass also. Perfect for those wood craftsman car and structure kits. Friends have tested it on Grandt delrin couplers and other items, such as, bonding Atlas delrin handrails to styrene. What a fantastic bonding agent for woods and others like pine, mahogany and many others as used for modeling, crafting and antique repairs. One of the new Train Tool groups said they tried it on styrene to PVC and it bonded without hesitation.

Please USE the PUSH PIN supplied to seal BOTTLE after using - Throw white cap away or it will bond to tip

You can leave our adhesives open all day long and they will not dry out while working on your projects. Dr. Mike's has an average 8 + month shelf life after opening kept at 65 F degrees or less. Refrigeration to extend shelf life is fine for all but not necessary if just kept cool and out of sun like all adhesives.