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ECH356253 1:35 Echelon MARSOC, Navy SEALS, SFG Vehicle Markings
ECH356253 1:35 Echelon MARSOC, Navy SEALS, SFG Vehicle Markings

MSRP $17.00
Our Price: $15.49
Savings: $1.51
Scale: 1/35

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Product Code: ECH356253


A plethora of special forces markings in one set. Markings belonging to specific ODA units, common tactical roman numerals seen on Navy Seals GMVs, a couple of MARSOCs personalised markings, and not to mention the rare markings of Navy Seals technical (a pickup - yes, exactly that version of a plastic kit) seen on the mountains of Kunar Province during Operation Red Wings. Plus much much more, based on real references, and sized properly to scale. Although not all special unit humvee conversions are available, you you have every excuse to scratch-build that uber cool vehicle you have been wanting with this marking set. Some of you should be able to identify fictional markings used on a movie set, there are also a few of those red-diagonal white-red flashes (Diver on board / Diving flag) sometimes seen on Navy Seal vehicles. Some M-ATVs have been seen with it. Or how about that "The General Lee" Humvee you have been eyeing to build? No doubt one can apply creative license to use these markings on any special forces vehicles they want.