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ECH356257 1:35 Echelon Gun Trucks in Vietnam: M54s Part 2
ECH356257 1:35 Echelon Gun Trucks in Vietnam: M54s Part 2

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Scale: 1/35

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This set covers two Vietnam War gun trucks, one M54A2 based "BRUTUS" and the other M54A1 "The BOUNTY HUNTER" loaded with a potent Quad .50 cal turret. In addition, one regular un-armed M54A2 that had personalised markings and a set of markings for a Seabees M51 dump truck., "BRUTUS" was fitted with 3 to 4 .50 cals (sides and back), plus 1 M134 Minigun in the center. Nicknamed the "ghost truck" by the viet congs because they kept killing it and it kept coming back. One crew member by the name of Larry Dahl sacrificed him life so that others may live and that earned him the Medal of Honor, posthumously. "BRUTUS" had the flashy mud flaps, much like "The Untouchables" on set D356256 except that they were in Orange. "The Bounty Hunter" is another well known truck that featured striking markings packing a mean Quad 50 turret. Depending on which Quad 50 turret kit you have, AFV Club (M35A1 "Nancy" guntruck) or DML's M55, decals for both are provided. There are slight dimensional differences between the two, particularly the sloping front. Each set of truck markings included all the fine stencilings during their service. All meticulously researched. Some of the trucks had the yellow-placards for the cargo bed sides. Armor plating templates for both gun trucks and unarmored M54A2 are provided.