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HTKCS108 Hataka Hobby Orange Line Lacquer Paint Set: Modern Australian Army AFVs
HTKCS108 Hataka Hobby Orange Line Lacquer Paint Set: Modern Australian Army AFVs

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In 1967 the Australian Army introduced it's own variant of Olive Drab as a base colour of all vehicles. It was widely used till late 1980s and introduction of the Dispersal Pattern Camouflage (DPC) more commonly known as AUSCAM (gradually applied over the 1990s). One of the exceptions was use of RAL6014 (original factory colour) on Leopard AS1 tanks since their delivery in 1976 till mid-1980s. Similarly their successors - M1A1 Abrams tanks - were delivered in original CARC Middle Stone and only later repainted to AUSCAM colours. Although the latter is an official scheme of the Australian Army, the Regional Force Surveillance Group operating in North and West of Australia is allowed to use Pibara Brown as an alternative base / camouflage colour

HTK-CS108 paint set contains:

• HTK-C271 - BS Deep Bronze Green - BS381C:224, standard factory colour of British originated vehicles in 1950-60s, incl. Centurion tanks and early (Series 2/2a) Land Rovers
• HTK-C064 - Camouflage Green* - Also "Olive Drab Lustress". Since 1967 standard overall colour of Australian AFVs (also in Vietnam). Later a base colour in AUSCAM
• HTK-C239 - Seafoam Green - FS24533, standard colour of interiors of US originated APCs and IFVs, including various versions of M113s (also in Vietnam)
• HTK-C193 - Yellow Olive - RAL6014, standard colour of Leopard AS1 tanks since delivery in 1976 till mid-1980s. Also used on 1st Armoured Reg M113A1 vehicles
• HTK-C261 - Camouflage Tan* - Used for disruptive shapes in standard AUSCAM scheme, including on ASLAV, M113AS3/AS4, M1A1 Abrams and Bushmaster
• HTK-C041 - Night Black - Used for disruptive shapes in standard AUSCAM scheme, including on ASLAV, M113AS3/AS4, M1A1 Abrams and Bushmaster
• HTK-C333 - Pibara Brown* - FS30109, alternative base / camouflage colour used on vehicles of Regional Force Surveillance Group in North and West of Australia
• HTK-C090 – Sand - FS33531 (CARC Middle Stone), standard delivery (factory) colour of Australian Army M1A1 Abrams tanks and M88A2 Hercules ARVs

Hataka Hobby Orange Line

The range of specially formulated lacquer based paints optimised for airbrushing. The product was developed to satisfy needs of all modellers – it is perfect for professional use (application of many semi-transparent layers, gradual building of colours / colour shading, application of very fine lines, etc.), but also very forgiving to beginners. It has significantly limited odour compared to other similar products, hence is more suitable for home use. All colours are highly pigmented and permanent.

Lacquer-based paints, produced in accordance with all appropriate EU safety standards – highly flammable liquid and vapour, to be used in well ventilated places. Packed in 17ml bottles with dropper tip for easy application and containing a metal ball inside for easier mixing.

Usage recommendations:
• Before using the paint mix it well by shaking the bottle (rattling of metal ball should be audible)
• Dilute the paint in a dedicated pot (outside of airbrush) in appx. 40/60 to 60/40 thinner to paint proportion with dedicated Hataka Hobby Lacquer Thinner (HTK-XP03)
• Pour the paint into the airbrush and paint with your favourite technique at recommended air pressures of 10-20psi
• Each modellers has its own painting style and technique, thus experimenting to find optimal dilution ratio and air pressure is always recommended
• The best adhesion to the plastic model is achieved on primed surfaces
• The paint dries quickly to satin surface. Once fully dry (which can take up to 24h) the surface is waterproof and permanent
• All colours can be mixed with one another
• Do not mix with any water-based products!

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