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Condition of Merchandise
  Unless specifically noted, we sell only new items received from the various manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers worldwide. Typically a certain percentage of the merchandise received has minor defects (such as blemishes, scratches, dings, scuffs, etc) that are cosmetic only and have no impact on your ability to building the kit or enjoy the reference book/tool, etc.

Thus it is possible an item you order may have minor defects (such as blemishes, scratches, dings, scuffs, etc.) that do not impact your ability to build the kit or enjoy the reference book/tool, etc. The presence of minor defects is not considered a defect. We understand some customers want to buy an item as a collectible; however it is our policy that we do not sell collectibles and we do not represent in any manner that any item purchased from us is in perfect condition with no minor defects. If you desire to purchase an item in “perfect” condition, you should considering another retailer and we do not selectively send items in a certain condition to any certain customer. Our staff pulls “the next one on the stack” for fill an order, and that is the one that is used to fill such order.

Minimum Order
  We do not have any minimum order requirement.
  Estimated dates of arrival are based on the most current information provided to us by our suppliers. Dates of arrival are beyond our control and are subject to change.

We recommend using a credit card for payment to ensure immediate shipping once the kit arrives. Your credit card is not charged until the kit ships.

NOTE - an authorization is run when the order is placed to validate your credit card which could result in a temporary hold for the order amount being placed on your account that typically lasts for one to five days by your bank. We have no control over whether this is done or not to your account.

Shipping costs are typically estimated and will be finalized once the actual weight/dimensions of the kit is known. Thus we reserve the right to revise the shipping cost/method, if necessary. Any increases up to US$3.00 will be done without prior approval. We will contact you for approval of any changes of US$3.00 or more.

We will ship out immediately any in stock items placed with a pre-order and/or any pre-ordered items as they arrive (if placed in an order with more than one pre-ordered item) UNLESS you tell us that you want your order shipped together to save on shipping. You can tell us by making a note in the checkout comments when placing an order or by emailing us at Separate shipping charges (as per our standard shipping costs) will apply with each shipment.

The two exceptions to the default immediate shipping are:

1) We will hold an order if we know a pending/pre-ordered item is already enroute to us (arrival expected in one week or less). If you request an order to ship together, you agree to and will be charged for the in stock items on hold if the pending item(s) is not expected to arrive for more than two weeks. Or

2) If an order is pre-paid (usually when PayPal is used) and only one shipment is paid for. We will assume all pre-paid orders are to be shipped together unless you tell us otherwise.

Price/Description Changes
  All prices, pictures and descriptions on this site are subject to change without any prior notice.

Sprue Brothers Models LLC maintains no responsibility for inadvertent or typographical errors. In the event of an error, we reserves the right to cancel or refuse orders at our sole discretion

Real Time Inventory
  Unlike most other online hobby retailers, we are not an ordering service as we actually stock everything we sell (except items specifically noted as not in stock or pre-orders). The webstore lists, in real-time*, what is in stock and available for purchase. Inventory quantities automatically update after each and every order is placed. With this system, you get what you order each and every time.

All items are subject to prior sale while it is in your shopping cart. Shopping cart periodically checks what is in your cart for availability. If an item becomes unavailable while it is in your cart, it will be removed from your cart and you will receive a notification that this has occurred. The only way to “reserve” an item is to complete checkout successfully. Upon success checkout, the item(s) will be transferred from open inventory (inventory that anyone may purchase) to your Order.

We have a fill rate of over 99.9%. It is not 100% because every once in a while we cannot find an item that is supposed to be in stock. This usually is the result of "sticky fingers" (we don't find out about this usually until someone tries to buy it) or other human error. It does not happen very often, but it does once in a while.

* The only exception to real-time inventory is when we are vending at a model show. Sometimes we are not able to update our inventory for up to 24 hours.

  Any sales/discounts/specials/etc (collectively called “sales”) that we run are effective only for orders placed (checkout successfully completed) during the sale period. Sales may end at any time without any prior notice. Sales are effective only for in stock items and do not apply to any special orders or pre-orders/back-orders.

Note - you may not cancel an existing order placed prior to the sale period and re-order under the sales price for the same item(s). Thus, any items re-ordered under a sales price from an order cancelled during the sales period will not be honored and is subject to cancellation. This is simply unfair to the customers who pay quickly. There is no exception to this so please do not ask.

Privacy Policy
  We value your privacy. Please view our Privacy Policy for complete details on how we use the information we collect.
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