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DAS9733 Detail & Scale Books - F2H Banshee Part 1: Prototypes Through F2H-2 Variants
DAS9733 Detail & Scale Books - F2H Banshee Part 1: Prototypes Through F2H-2 Variants

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By Bert Kinzey and Rock Roszak; softbound; 103 pages

F2H Banshee in Detail & Scale, Part 1: Prototypes through F2H-2 Variants include:

- A developmental history of the F2H Banshee, from its beginnings as a follow-on to McDonnell’s FH-1 Phantom through the F2H-2 and its sub-variants
- A chapter on early Banshee variants, from the XF2H-1 prototypes through the interim F2H-1, to the definitive F2H-2 and that model’s sub-variants, the nuclear capable, F2H-2B, the F2H-2N night fighter, and the very capable F2H-2P photo reconnaissance version
- A chapter covering the F-2H Banshee’s combat history during the Korean War, including a listing of all of the carrier deployments made by units flying the aircraft in the combat theater
- A Banshee Details chapter with 126 photos, over a hundred in color, covering every aspect of the aircraft, including the cockpit, windscreen & canopy, fuselage, internal armament, wings, pylons & external stores, engine, landing gear, and tail, plus detailed coverage of the photo recon nose and camera bay and equipment
- A Banshee Color Schemes chapter which looks at the three color schemes used on the early variants, the Gloss Sea Blue, the Light Gull Gray over white, and the overall white schemes.
- A five-section chapter that looks at all the units that flew the early Banshees, including the Navy and Marine fighter and photo reconnaissance squadrons, the Navy Reserve units, utility and miscellaneous squadrons, and the various Navy test and evaluation facilities.
- Detail & Scale’s usual comprehensive Modelers Section which covers all of the scale model kits of the F2H-2/2B/2N/2P issued over the past 60 years.

Other features of the book include line drawings of all of the early Banshee variants covered, illustrations of details from official Navy manuals, plus 15 full color art profiles of the aircraft in a variety of color schemes.