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KMDKLG4804EDU 1:48 Kazan Model Dynamics HybridCAST Landing Gear Set - P-51 Mustang Set 2 (EDU kit)
KMDKLG4804EDU 1:48 Kazan Model Dynamics HybridCAST Landing Gear Set - P-51 Mustang Set 2 (EDU kit)

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Scale: 1/48

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For the Eduard kits

Kazan Model Dynamics proudly introduces an innovative new approach to an aspect of modelling aircraft that often falls well short of the standard of a finished build, and addresses several annoying shortcomings of what is currently available and possible. The manufacturing process culminates in landing gear legs and retraction struts with exposed metal oleos and pistons that look incredibly realistic, have no mould seams, and only require masking. Even the masking is not entirely necessary, as a gentle scraping of any paint applied will remove it without scuffing the metal.

Includes three different tire patterns. The tire patterns were included to make various combinations possible from one set, and combinations for the P-51 were common in reality. Parts 3 and 4, in the foreground, are the main door retraction struts, also featuring a metal piston. (This second P-51 set, differing from Set 1 by having three tread patterns differing from those in Set 1.)

The metal forms the main bearing material, and the resin picks up the rest. The gear was load tested over extended periods of time to 300% finished model weight to ensure that the resin (love that stuff!) resisted creep where bending moments were generated. To top it off, the tests involved resin only prototypes (with no metal) and at 300% weight, the legs themselves bent, but no movement whatsoever was registered where, intuitively, the bending moment should have manifested itself. Of course, the metal that reinforces the gear and replicates the oleo piston prevents the bending that was observed in the tests. The metal extends the length of the leg, but not into the casting block, meaning no metal needs to be cut when assembling and prepping the gear. That would be mean.