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MAK32092K 1:32 Maketar Paint Masks Fighter Series - Ju 87G Stuka (HAS kit)
MAK32092K 1:32 Maketar Paint Masks Fighter Series - Ju 87G Stuka (HAS kit)

MSRP $13.50
Our Price: $11.99
Savings: $1.51
Scale: 1/32

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Product Code: MAK32092K


1:32 Junkers Ju-87G Stuka Kanonenvogel ƒ?? Markings and canopy masks ƒ?? for Hasegawa kit ST25 ƒ?? MM32092
ƒ?? Roundels ƒ?? fuselage and wings
ƒ?? Code Numbers to Replace Tamiya Kit Decals
ƒ?? Canopy Masks Included
ƒ?? Some Spare & Additional Code Numbers and Letters
ƒ?? Spare Masking Elements
ƒ?? 2 Large Mask Sheets + Chevrons and Swastikas in Vinyl ƒ?? These small and intricate elements are always cut in vinyl!
*** Small elements like nose and fuselage art are NOT included! Please use decals for those.

***** PLEASE NOTE: Mask sheet with Chevrons and Swastikas is ALWAYS cut in vinyl, regardless of you material choice as very small and intricate details are best represented in vinyl. If you order KABUKI masks you would get one sheet with roundels as well as Canopy & Wheel masks sheet in Kabuki and one sheet in vinyl.

Made of yellow Kabuki material, the same stuff Tamiya masking tape is made of. Kabuki tape is specially developed for masking purposes, its super thin, uses water based adhesive that will not stain your model or lift your paint! Huge advantage of Kabuki over Vinyl is that it will never shrink and will produce ultra sharp paint edge. Vinyl shrinks just a few days after its cut and makes it impossible to paint most of masking elements as the mask parts will no longer fit together. Yellow Kabuki tape is made exclusively in Japan.

As we scale modelers know, using paint masks is highly superior to using any kind of decals especially in larger scales.

Kabuki tape features:
ƒ?? Thinner than vinyl
ƒ?? Slightly translucent
ƒ?? Pressure sensitive adhesive
ƒ?? Absolute winner for all kinds and sizes of paint masks ƒ?? except for ultra small elements smaller than 3 mm!
ƒ?? Kabuki masks will last FOREVER! Just store them back in resealable bag!
ƒ?? Extremely fine masking edge.
ƒ?? Can be printed on for custom design and hand cut!
ƒ?? With acrylic adhesive Kabuki can be left on a model for days without interacting with paint!
ƒ?? Kabuki tape is 0.06 mm thick!
ƒ?? Our Kabuki is highest quality masking material ƒ?? Made in Japan!