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MDP253 Midland Publishing - Lavochkin's Last Jets
MDP253 Midland Publishing - Lavochkin's Last Jets

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From the late 1940s onwards, the Lavochkin bureau was at the forefront of the Soviet supersonic jet fighter program, and this book covers them all in thorough detail. The first of Lavochkin's jet fighters was the La-15. This was a fantail, single-seat swept-wing jet interceptor fighter, which was a less successful contemporary of the MiG-15, despite being more technically advanced. It was a development of the La-172, and was initially known as the La-174D. Only 500 of these aircraft were made, which was less than originally planned due to production problems. These aircraft were in use until 1954. The last aircraft in the sequence designed in 1956-57 was the La-250 Anakonda. Only four of these aircraft were produced. This was a delta-winged long-range all-weather interceptor. The La-250 was designed to fly long-range missions at high altitude, armed with two large missiles. Its Anakonda nickname came from its long, narrow fuselage. After the first aircraft crashed as a result of poor visibility causing early ground touch during landing, the noses of the three remaining planes were lowered by six degrees. This book is perfect for those interested in Soviet jet aircraft designed in the early Cold War era and for aviation modelers looking for detail-oriented photos of the aircraft.